Lauren is not currently accepting commissioned works but please stay tuned for updates.

It is always a pleasure collaborating with my clients on any work they commission. I really enjoy the challenge of creating something they will cherish as well as reaching beyond my comfort zone, and executing a work like the train logo in which I created a patchwork of train parts and designed a business logo for my client.

The beginning of my business can be attributed to the Pet Portraits I have worked on for friends and family. The Pet Portraits evolved from a traumatic event that occurred in May of 2016 when my then, eleven year old lab mix, Tuckahoe was brutally attacked by three dogs passing through our property. He was severely injured and was not expected to survive, but to the astonishment of the Veterinarians, myself, and everyone close to us he survived. In order to pay for his outstanding Vet bills I decided to get creative and paint portraits of people's pets in order to save my own. Now, at the ripe age of twelve he is back to rolling in the grass and playing with his "sister", Revelator.   

When approaching a painting of a person or a pet, for me the most important thing is to accurately capture the eyes because the eyes are the window to the soul. Regardless of the nature of the painting, whether it is expressive or realistic in style it is not a complete portrait if it has no soul.

Each Pet Portrait is a pleasure to undertake but the most rewarding paintings are of those who have left this life and the one's who loved them dearly behind. Words cannot express the joy I feel when I am able to immortalize their spirit in a painting to be forever treasured.