Our Featured Organization: Tigers For Tomorrow

Tigers For Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain is a non-profit Wild Animal Preserve and Environmental Educational Center in North Alabama. Not only is Tigers For Tomorrow home to large cats like African Lions, Mountain Lions, and Tigers, it is also home to Bears, Wolves, and over 160 other animals. This Organization was chosen to be featured by Rebearth Publications because of its selfless and unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of these native and exotic animals. Furthermore, we feel that their values of education, conservation, and preservation align with our own vision of stewardship for the earth and its inhabitants. Currently, we have raised $189.42 and growing to be donated to Tigers For Tomorrow by the first of the year. We encourage our community to learn more about this Organization by visiting their website: https://www.tigersfortomorrow.org/

***Laughing Lion Heart Available for Purchase

4'x4'/Melted Crayon on Barn wood/2017

Laughing Lion Heart Complete.jpg

It's A Family Affair

A sneak peak into my life as a new mom juggling the world of entrepreneurship as a local author, artist, and philanthropist. The longer I think about it, the more titles I could add to my role in this world, and I carry them all proudly with endless gratitude. My hands are constantly shaping and molding my dreams into reality, and I could not do any of it without the love and support of my two favorite sidekicks.

Easter is Almost Here!

We officially have $132.28 and growing that will go to benefit the Health and Wellness of the Wildlife at Tigers for Tomorrow!! Our goal is to reach $700 so if you feel led to donate please contact me, and REMEMBER our Handmade Elephants and Sweet Children’s book are a Great Grift Idea for EASTER!!! 

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Wellness Wins in Full Swing!

What an exciting weekend! We had so much Fun connecting with everyone at Wellness Wins! The numbers are in and thanks to that opportunity we broke $100 for our donations! We officially have $132.28 and growing that will go to benefit the Health and Wellness of the Wildlife at Tigers for Tomorrow!!

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It's All About Education & Conservation

Our Information Board for the Wellness Wins Festival! It's All About EDUCATION & CONSERVATION! My Dream is to be the person I needed when I was a Child. Shout out to my Friends in Education: I'm initiating a Pilot Program in which I paired a Lesson Plan with my Children's Book. Please feel free to contact me for more details and lets work together INSPIRING and EDUCATING our Youth!!

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Wellness Wins Festival

Spring has ushered in a time to celebrate health and wellness through exercise, meditation, music, food, and art! I am so excited that I get to participate in this incredible celebration! I will be there sharing my Children’s Book and Handmade Elephants, whose sales contribute to the health and wellness of the wildlife at Tigers For Tomorrow. Thank you for your support and I look forward to connecting with you at this exciting event Saturday, April 6th, 2019 from 9:00AM-4:00PM at Twenty-One Acres, 5505 Wire Road, Auburn, Al!

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Christmas is Around the Corner!

Add a little Cheer to a loved one’s life by gifting them with this adorable Book and Forever Friend Combination! We are excited to introduce Finding Me Beneath The Kapok Tree, a heart warming picture book that inspires us to celebrate our individuality as well as the individuality of our peers. It also gives us the freedom to navigate our journey of authenticity without fear of failure or judgement. Moreover, we are proud to introduce, Teetles, our handmade Blue or Pink stuffed elephant who will embark on this wonderful journey with our readers. To learn more about Teetles, our Forever Friend and Finding Me Beneath The Kapok Tree, we encourage you to visit our Shop! Warmest Wishes and Happy Holidays!


Magic is in the Air

I know it is a bit late but I wanted to share what I was up to for the Magical Month of October!

FREE ART FRIDAYS for the Month of October!!!
Hey Birmingham Friends! October has always been a magical month and I wanted to share some magic with my friends. So, every Friday I dropped off an original painting that was Framed and FREE somewhere in Birmingham. It was first come first serve. The only catch was that the recipient tag me either on Facebook or Instagram so that I knew it had gone to a happy home. This exercise was a fun and fulfilling challenge! A Very Special THANK YOU to Serendipity Boutique, Avondale Brewing CO., Lucky Cat Rolled Creams, and The Fig Tree Cafe for participating and supporting your Local Artists! My wish is that the magic continues throughout the upcoming year and inspires others to spread a little magic of their own in their unique way! If you or a loved one missed out on the giveaways and would love to add one of these paintings to your collection, then you are in luck! Identical Prints are available for purchase for only $20.00, and remember with every purchase made a percentage of the profit is donated to our Featured organization by Rebearth Publications!

-Thanks for Making the Magic Last!

Soul Expression Series: Self Portrait

Another painting that is nearly a decade old. I’ve learned that my process involves a willingness to start with a vision that often appears blurry or distorted and loosely sketch it out, then I step back until I am guided to put the medium to the material again, and this process continues until I feel the work is complete. It is a gradual evolution of idea and image that ultimately reveals itself to me and through me. This painting is an opportunity for me to see myself as I am. The black and white textured chaos of legible and illegible words is matched by a black and white depiction of myself. The texture manifests itself as scarring on my skin alluding to the harshness I experience as I sit amongst the black and white chaos of the world. The brightly colored harmony of spirit seeps into my hair and skin both healing and rejuvenating my sense of being. It appears that I am embedded in both worlds. The Hawk, Bison, and Snake all carry specific messages that guide and protect me as I find balance amongst the chaos. The bright yellow sun is symbolic of power and illuminates the unseen for cleansing. In this space I am present and at peace.

Untitled / 3'6"x5'11"/ Acrylic and Charcoal on Paper and Birch Wood/ 2018

Untitled / 3'6"x5'11"/ Acrylic and Charcoal on Paper and Birch Wood/ 2018

Making Rebearthling1 Soul Song

Please read PREVIOUS POST before reading and watching this post! Thanks!!

Forgive the clumsy instrumental, I am not a musician. I began this painting about a decade ago and thought it was finished for awhile now, but it kept telling me it was not complete until I gave it a "soul song". So, I wrote this song and now feel it is complete. I birthed this painting during a period in my life when my heart was broken. As time does, it healed my heart, and from that life cycle I learned to release the past, forgive, and find freedom in the present. This painting illustrates my journey of Healing, Self Empowerment, and Self Love.