Soul Expression Series: Making Rebearthling1

Introducing a painting that has been in gestation for nearly a decade. This Painting has several names, “The Red Woman”, “Release”, and “Making Rebearthling1”, but the names are not as important to me as the story. This Powerful painting was conceived during a time in my life when I experienced a series of consecutive heartbreaks. It is a depiction of my soul attempting to allow the heartache to “fly” through me so that healing could take place. Little did I know that at the time of the conception of both the pain and the painting, those experiences would “Make Me” rather than “Break Me”….And for that I am Grateful! There is FREEDOM in Forgiveness. Now that the pain has flown away my Soul can SOAR!

When I put the paintbrush down a couple of years flew by before I realized the painting was not complete until I created a “Soul Song”. So, I picked up a guitar and clumsily “picked” out the song that would finalize this painting and Free me to move on. I will share the video that pairs the painting with its soul song in my next post.

Making Rebearthling1 / 24”x20”/ Acrylic on Canvas  / 2018

Making Rebearthling1 / 24”x20”/ Acrylic on Canvas / 2018